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A Gift for Anyone who already has Everything!


A Gift for Anyone who already has Everything!

Merry Christmas! Duringthis special time of the year, we wish you and your Loved ones that all your dreams will come true. Given that every year most of us seem to have the problem of finding a gift for someone who seemingly already has everything, we have decidedr to make this the focus of this post.

Personal health is the greatest gift we can wish for someone. The most important pillar for good personal health is a good and regular sleeping pattern, which is where we anchor our gift proposal for this festive period.

In todays’s hectic world it is easy to have our circadian rhythm disturbed or interrupted, which can cause sleeping problems and all sorts of related health issues. The biggest disruptor of our sleeping cycle is arrificial blue light. Arrificial blue light emits from smart phones, tablets, TV screens, computers, laptops, room lighting, advertising billboards, etc. After sunset, when the natural blue light disappears, arrificial blue light fools our internal body clock that it’s still daylight, which causes our body to suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone which helps us fall asleep and stay asleep. Resultant sleep deprivation is strongly linked to a whole array of health problems.

Our gift idea, the Sublime Blue Blockers, are designed to block the harmful arrificial blue light from our eyes in the evening and in particular before our bedtime. This blocking of the blue light enables our body to go its natural way with the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. It’s recommended to wear the Sublime Blue Blockers 90-120 minutes before bedtime to achieve best results.

Sublime Blue Blockers are high quality eyeglasses. The Sublime. Collection consists of 5 stylish models to choose from catering to your preference of glasses shape. All models block 99% of the hazardous nightly blue light and come with high quality CR-39 lenses providing excellent optics.

Packaging is an important integral part of our offering, as it clearly differentiates ourselves from the average provider in the market. Every pair of Sublime Blue Blockers comes in a trendy box containing a pouch and a sachet for the glasses, a cloth to clean the lenses, as well as a Sublime Brand Authenticity Card.

When the glasses are sent to you in the above mentioned robust box, the package is additionally wrapped in strong package paper. Every shipment to our clients is tracked and no matter from where you order in the world, all shipping costs are paid by us!

For this pre-Christmas period, we offer the following discounts:

The first 100 buyers ger a 30% discount on the entire order.
Didcount code:XDIS30

The first 50 buyers who purchase more than one model receive a 50% discount. Discount code: XDIS1-1

The two discount offers cannot be used in combination.

In the following weblink we provide you with a few dozen media arricles earch papers that underpin the functionality and the effectiiveness of the Sublime Blue Blockers:

www. sublimeblueblockers. com/pages/reaearch

I hope I could inspireyou with a thoughtful Chrustmas gift idea. What better way to show our love than contributing positively to someone’s good health and well-being!

The Sublime Blue Blockers come in 5 stylish models to suit your preference All models have high quality CR-39 lenses that block 99% of all blue light.

We fully stand behind the quality of the Sublimes and guarantee that, if you follow the recommendation of wearing the glasses daily 90-120 minutes before your bedtime, you will have a positive experience and better sleep. Should you feel otherwise, we provide a 30-Days Money Back Guarantee, which basically removes any perceived risk from your purchase.

We know that the benefits you will get by using the Sublime Blue Blockers will far outweigh yourpurchase cost!

You can purchase your Sublime Blue Blockers in the Shop of the Sublimes Blue Blocker’s Facebook page or on www. the discount codes, if applicable, on the Checkout page.

We look forward to receiving your otder and wish you a Happy Festive Season!

Manfred Liechti
Founder Sublime

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