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Sublime Blue Blockers

Sublime Blue Blockers are high quality eyeglasses specifically designed to block hazardous blue light in the evening. The Sublime Collection consists of 5 models catering to your preference of glasses shape. The blue light blocking benefit is the same for all models.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Sublime Collection


Sublime Blue Blockers set a new benchmark for blue light blocking glasses. The Sublimes block 99% of the harmful nightly blue light, they are made of high quality frames and come with CR-39 lenses providing excellent optics.

Blue light blocking glasses are the most convenient and most effective way to protect ourselves from nightly blue light rays, which may otherwise affect our circadian rhythm, which can negatively affect our ability to sleep and our sleep quality (refer to homepage article and video "Sublime Blue Blockers improve your sleep" and to the Research Section of our webpage).


The Sublime Collection

  Sublime Aviator      Sublime Classic         Sublime Primo        Sublime Vogue      Sublime Wayfarer

Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Sublime Aviator  Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Sublime Classic  Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Sublime Primo  Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Sublime Vogue  Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Sublime Wayfarer   

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Frame Materials

The five Sublime models come with different frame materials. The Sublime models Classic, Primo and Wayfarer come with high quality acetate frames, the Sublime Aviator has trendy stainless steel frames, and the Sublime Vogue comes with lightweight polycarbonate frames. 


Cellulose acetate is a lightweight, flexible and very strong plant based plastic. It's a non-petroleum based plastic that is hypoallergenic and made from natural cotton and wood fibres. While petroleum based products are harmful to the environment, acetate is made from renewable materials. Acetate glasses frames are made by forming layers of plastic into large blocks, then carefully slicing individual parts from it, hand polishing and finally assembling them into a frame. Since acetate frames are created with layers of plastic, the colour, pattern and transparency options are endless and they can be cut into any desired frame style. Cellulose acetate was first prepared in 1865 and first used for eyewear in the late 1940s.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Frames-Acetate


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is rigid and very lustrous. Most notable is the material's strong corrosion and staining resistance. Steel also has a much higher density than plastic frames, meaning it's much heavier. Given its strength and density, stainless steel is ideal for thin and sturdy eyeglasses frames. 


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Frames-Aviator



Polycarbonate frames are produced from classic petroleum based plastic melted into a liquid form and then injected into special moulds. Once the melted plastic cools down, the frame is formed in the mould. The frame may then be spray painted and coated. Injection mould frames are completely machine produced. Polycarbonate as material is hard and lightweight.



All Sublime Blue Blockers models come with high quality CR-39 lenses that provide excellent optics. CR-39 (or allyl diglycol carbonate) is a plastic polymer commonly used to manufacture eyeglass lenses. CR-39 stands for "Columbia Resin #39", which was the 39th formula of a thermosetting plastic developed by the Columbia Resins project in 1940. This material revolutionised lens making, as it's half the weight of glass and a great deal less likely to shatter than glass, while the optical quality is nearly as good as glass. The comparison to glass is made because glass is the material that provides the best optical quality for a lens. CR-39 is heated and poured into optical quality glass moulds. In the process it adapts the qualities of glass very closely.

Refractive Index

The refractive index (or index of refraction) of lenses is a number that is a relative measure of how efficiently the lens material refracts light. As an example, the refractive index of CR-39 plastic is 1.498, which means light travels 49.8% slower through CR-39 plastic compared to travelling through a vacuum. The higher the refractive index, the slower light moves through that material, which results in greater refracting of the light rays. In other words, the higher refractive index of a lens material, the less lens material is required to bend light to the same degree as a lens with a lower refractive index. 


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Lenses-Refractive Index


Abbe Value

The Abbe value of a lens material is an objective measure of how widely the lens disperses different light wavelengths as light passes through the lens.A low Abbe value means a lens has a high dispersion, which can cause chromatic aberration. Or in other words, the lower the Abbe number, the more likely the lens material is to cause chromatic aberration.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Lenses-Abbe Value


Lens Test Report

The lenses used for the Sublime Blue Blockers are tested to check their ability to block blue light. Furthermore the lens is tested against the ISO 12312-1, the ANSI Z80-3 and the AS/NZS 1067.1 industry standards for sunglasses and related eyewear.

This chart shows the lens' light transmittance rate in % at different wavelength across the light spectrum (inclusive part of the invisible UV light spectrum). For blue light blocking purposes the blocking ability at wavelength from 380-500 nanometers (marked blue in the chart below) is of primary interest. In this blue marked area the chart shows a light transmittance rate of close to 0, which means literally no blue light is allowed to pass through the lens. 


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Lens Testing Report


These are the chart's underlying numbers, i.e. the light transmittance rate at different wavelengths across the light spectrum. Again, the blue light spectrum from 380-500 nanometers is highlighted in blue and we can see transmittance rates of close to 0% across the blue light wavelengths (0% transmittance rate means all light at this wavelength is blocked from passing through the lens).


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Lens Testing Report


The following image shows the part of the Lens Test Report benchmarking the lens against the ISO 12312-1 industry standards for sunglasses and related eyewear. There are similar sections in the lens testing report for benchmarking against the ANSI Z80-3 (United States regulations) and the AS/NZS 1067.1 (Australia/New Zealand regulations) industry standards.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Lens Testing Report


Click here to access the full Lens Test Report.


Sublime Packaging 

Packaging is an integral part of our product and another feature to differentiate ourselves from the average seller in the market place. Every pair of Sublime Blue Blockers comes in a stylish box containing a pouch and a sachet for the glasses, a cloth to clean the lenses and a Sublime Brand Authenticity Card.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Packaging


While the main box of our packaging was chosen to look neat and trendy, it also had to be strong enough to withstand being sent to customers via post or courier to ensure nothing inside gets damaged on the post way. When the box containing the glasses, pouch, sachet, cloth and brand authenticity card is sent to our valuable customers, it gets an additional layer of protection by strong wrapping paper.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Products-Packaging


This is how the final product looks like when sent to our clients.
Measures: 18 x 8.8 x 7 cm
Weight: 200g - 211g (depending on model)


Sublime Quality Assurance

Our aim is to live up to the true meaning of our brand Sublime. Hence, the quality of our products is of very high importance to us. Going the extra mile to assure you receive a fit for purpose product is our way of doing business. We therefore invested into applying modern laboratory technology in our quality assurance process.


BPI UV/Blue Light Analyzer

We know that blue light with wavelengths roughly between 380-500 nanometers can negatively impact our sleep and overall health by disturbing our circadian rhythm. We employ technology that is designed to check the transmittance rate of lenses for these wavelengths and provide a figure of merit to use in comparing and choosing lenses that protect you from radiations in this wavelength range.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Quality Assurance Process


The protection from these blue light wavelengths is the main purpose of the Sublime Blue Light Blocking Glasses.  

The technology we apply in our quality control process uses LED light sources centred at 400nm, 430nm, 470nm and 505nm to evaluate lens transmission at these wavelengths. The transmission percentage at each wavelength is measured along with the Wertheim Protection Factor, a figure of merit based on a comparison of the lens's photopic transmission with its blocking ability for high-energy blue light wavelengths. 


The Wertheim Factor

Our employed technology from BPI enables us to read the transmission of light through a lens with a special UV/Blue Light spectrometer and see what types of light are being transmitted and what lights are being filtered. Black, or air, has a Wertheim Factor of 0, while a perfectly balanced lens filtering blue light/high energy visible light (HEV) and allowing beneficial light through, would have a Wertheim Factor of about 43. For a lens to achieve a 43 factor is pretty rare though.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Quality Assurance Process-Wertheim Factor


The Value of Using the Wertheim Factor

It establishes a better standard of quality for blue block tinted lenses.

Using a special UV/Blue Light spectrometer we can measure this value for all of our products and maintain and even improve quality over time.

It provides a simple way to understand the overall quality of blue block tinted products in the market place for consumers. 


Who is BPI?

BPI (Brain Power Incorporated) is a worldwide company based in the US, manufacturing optical tints used by opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists in tinting, dying, or otherwise colouring clear plastic, especially optical sunglass lenses. Catering to the optical lens and sunglass manufacturers and optical laboratories, BPI also produces therapeutic and restorative tints, providing ultraviolet (UV) protection and aiding with problems, such as blepharospasm, headaches, retinitis pigmentosa, colour blindness, macular degeneration and retinal damage. BPI is also engaged in manufacturing laboratory equipment, such as tinting instruments, photometers, ultrasound cleaners, spectrometers and ovens for heat and chemical tempering of glass lenses.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Quality Assurance Process-BPI






Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Sublime Brand