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Sublime Blue Blockers

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What are Sublime Blue Blockers?

Sublime Blue Light Blocking glasses are designed to block exposure to blue light during the times you're wearing them. This is particularly important in the evening, when exposure to blue light fools our body clock that it's still bright day light, which suppresses the body's production of melatonin, the hormone that helps us sleep.


Who are the Sublime Blue Blockers for?

The Sublime Blue Blockers are for anyone, who would like to enjoy a better sleeping pattern and improve their quality of sleep.


The Science Behind Sublime Blue Blockers 

By protecting your eyes from exposure to blue light, particularly in the evening, we deny the blue light from disturbing our circadian rhythm and allow our body clock to go its natural way of producing the sleep hormone melatonin at night time. Blue blocking lenses are specialised to block the light spectrum from 400 nanometers to about 500 nanometers, which is the wavelength of blue light. For more details on blue light and how it impacts our body and wellbeing, please read the FAQ section "What is Blue Light".

How do I know that my Sublime Blue Blockers work?

First of all you can rest assured that every single pair of Sublime Blue Blockers has undergone a quality test before being shipped to our clients. We employ sophisticated laboratory technology to check the light transmission between 400nm (nanometers) and 505nm of all our glasses, to ensure the blue light blocking functionality is in line with our marketing promise. Strict quality control is at the heart of how we are doing business and our brand promise. For more information about our quality control process, please refer to the FAQ section "Sublime Quality Assurance".

After you purchase your Sublime Blue Blockers, or for that matter any other blue light blocking glasses, there is also a quite straight forward way for you to test their blue light blocking ability at home. You can do so by comparing the colour spectra of the following two bars.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Blue Light Spectrum

Source: wikimedia

If your colour perception is working well and your monitor shows the full RBG colour range (red, blue, green/primary colours of light as perceived by humans), these two bars should appear to look different. The upper bar represents the normal visual colour spectrum (380nm-750nm), while in the lower bar the blue has been removed from the colour spectrum by a photo editing software. You can see in the lower spectrum, the blue component has disappeared.

Through a powerful and authentic blue light blocking lens, blocking out more than 90% of the blue light, the two spectra should look pretty much the same. This is because the lens accomplishes the same that was done to the lower bar by using a software to extract all the blue light. Through weaker blue light filtering lenses, the two bars won't be identical, as you'll still be able to see some blue and violet hues in the upper spectrum. 

Another way of knowing that your Sublime Blue Blockers work the way they intent to is to experience the positive impact wearing the glasses has on your sleep. If you follow the recommendation to wear your Sublime Blue Blockers 90-120 minutes before your bedtime on a daily basis, you will start feeling the positive impact on your sleeping pattern and sleeping quality, which goes to the core of what the Sublime Blue Blockers are designed to do.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers-Sleep Better


What are the materials used for the glasses?

For the glasses frames we use eco-friendly acetate (Classic, Primo, Wayfarer), polycarbonate (Vogue) and stainless metal (Aviator).

Acetate is made from a renewable resource, lightweight, and very strong. It is made from cutting, forming and polishing sheets of plastic. Acetate is the highest quality plastic material for eyeglasses. Polycarbonate is a lightweight, high-performance plastic that possesses a unique balance of toughness, dimensional stability, optical clarity, high heat resistance and excellent electrical resistance. Stainless steel is rigid and lustrous and most notable is the material's strong corrosion and staining resistance. Given Steel's strength and density, stainless steel is ideal for thin and thirdly eyeglasses

The lenses we use are CR-39 polarized lenses for all models. CR-39 Polarized Lenses are light weight, impact resistant and offer the ultimate protection, comfort and performance in eyeglasses. 

How do Sublime Blue Blockers differ form cheaper glasses?

There are many glasses in the market that claim to be blue light blocking glasses, but the reality is that not all these glasses live up to high quality standards. The blue light blocking performance differs widely and many glasses provide only a small amount of blue light blocking. There are also a large number of glasses claiming to be blue light blockers, which only sufficiently block the lower range of the blue light spectrum (around 400-430nm) and provide very low to no blue light protection beyond 430nm). Also read FAQ section "The Market Place - Are All Blue Blockers The Same?")

Sublime Blue Blockers are probably the highest performing blue blocking glasses in the market. They are specifically designed to block the full spectrum of blue light and every pair of glasses is quality checked with regard to its blue light transmittance rate between 400nm and 505nm before it's shipped to our valuable customers. Sublime Blue Blockers filter blue light very effectively by combining a specific coloured tint with special AR coatings. In addition to the blue light blocking, Sublime Blue Blockers also completely block the harmful UV400 rays

Sublime Blue Blockers are manufactured with very high quality acetate, polycarbonate and stainless metal frames. All models come with top quality CR-39 lenses with UV400 protection and anti glare coating. Ensuring the high quality of Sublime Blue Blockers sits right at the centre of our passion for this business.


Can I use Sublime Blue Blockers during the day or in the sunlight?

While Sublime Blue Blockers are fully UV400 compliant, their main purpose of design is to protect you from artificial blue light in the evening, which has a negative impact on your circadian rhythm and fools your body clock to suppress the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Let's remember that natural blue light during the day, emitted form the sun, has its positive characteristics. Natural blue light from the sun helps you to be focused and be alert during the day and has a mood elevating effect. We therefore recommend to use the Sublime Blue Blockers after sunset in the evening and wear them at least 90-120 minutes before bedtime to achieve the full benefit of better sleeping patterns and better sleep quality. 

Are Sublime Blue Blockers also blocking UV rays?

Yes, Sublime Blue Blockers completely filter out and protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays. All Sublime glasses are 100 %UV blocking. 





Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Sublime Blue Blockers